When it comes to life, most choose two financial services affiliate programs routes. The first being no accomplishments beyond forex affiliate programs basic needs with the ever present focus on achieving only the bare binary options affiliate programs minimum and spending the rest of their time on dopamine crypto affiliate program releasing activities. Most of the time this would be introducing broker going out on weekends with their friends. The other end of the spectrum is a person that focuses on the work, often perceived as a workaholic by most on the other end of that spectrum. The happiness of the person focused on work or acquiring currency is misconstrued. Is the person an overworked attorney working 90 hours per week for a firm, or are they an entrepreneur that enjoys their business? Either are fine as long as the person knows their plan and is not working excessive amounts for the sake of working but has a strategy behind their plan.

Which Life Is “Better”?

The opinions on either of these are nil due to the fact that a human’s perspective of their own life is what matters most. On one end, you have someone who focuses on a dopamine release to their brain and because of this, they achieve very little in life because they want gratification sooner than later. The other end, an entrepreneur who enjoys their work thoroughly despite facing challenges, is willing to delay their gratification because they know where they are heading financially, which for smart business owners, is a large exit for multiple millions of dollars.

The choice comes to the person. Ideally, we want our message to get shared so people become aware that not only they can find ways to enjoy their work by either switching jobs or building a business. The goal is to switch their mind from society’s view of “work” having to be this thing that you are not supposed to enjoy but you need to make money. So if people shifted their habits from destructive things such as drinking too much every weekend, and spending their money on frivolous things when they have not created something outside of themselves punching a clock, ie. a business that can operate and generate money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including nights, weekends and holidays. That is true freedom, especially when that income that comes in passively exceeds your expenses, you are essentially financially retired at that point as long as one can keep the money coming in.

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